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Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling Isn’t Just My Job, It’s the Love of My Life

How a passionate contractor created a company that guarantees a stunning remodel in as little as a week.

A Message From Gabor Czeczon, Owner

I hate to say it, but it’s the truth, too many kitchen and bath contractors just don’t care about the craft or their customers.

In my 3 decades in this industry, I’ve witnessed contractors do some pretty awful things. Cutting corners on installation, overcharging, showing up late, disrespecting their customers; the list goes on and on. It’s no wonder that contractors are always at the top of the Better Business Bureau’s “Most Complained About” list.

To me, that’s just not right.

Homeowners entrust thousands of their hard-earned dollars to a contractor in hopes of getting a great kitchen or bathroom remodel. That’s a huge responsibility that, unfortunately, many remodelers take lightly.

That’s why I decided to set things right. I created In A Week Guaranteed with the goal to reverse the negative experience and heartache so many people have when getting a kitchen or bathroom remodel.

And I have to tell you: So far, my mission has been a complete success.

Simply put, I care about doing a great job and giving you the remodel of your dreams. That’s why I work with you personally to design your project at no cost to you. That’s why my installation team is comprised of expert craftsmen who all have at least a decade of experience – some have 20 years!. That’s why I coordinate the details of your project prior to installation to ensure it is done 100% to your, and my, satisfaction. That’s why I hire a professional cleaning service on my own dime to make your home spotless after installation.

In fact, I care so much about providing you with a superb remodel that I offer a money-back guarantee: If you’re not head-over-heels in love with your remodel, and we just can’t make you satisfied, I’ll give you your money back. That’s how serious I am about making you happy.

What I love most about remodeling is you.

If I had to pick what I love most about remodeling, it’s unquestionably working with people. Meeting, listening, and learning from each person is a joy. Everyone is unique, and that’s how my team and I approach each project.

I’ve had an unwavering passion for remodeling since 1988. And every time I see the beaming smile on a customer’s face, it only grows stronger. So if you’re looking for a contractor who is just as enthusiastic about your remodel as you are, contact In A Week Guaranteed today. I would love to hear from you and personally provide you with a free design consultation.

Thanks for reading.


Gabor Czeczon

Gorgeous, Distinctive Kitchen & Bath Remodels – in One Week, Guaranteed!