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High-Quality Remodeling Services

Our customers don’t have time to waste, which is why we dedicate the team to getting your needed remodeling services done in a timely fashion. Owner, Gabor Czeczon plans your entire project before it starts, helping to eliminate problems with wasted time while also delivering high-quality services for your bathroom and kitchen. Your aesthetic, materials, and colors are chosen after the initial consultation to help us stay on track once we begin your remodel. Give us a call today if you are ready to start the process of getting these new spaces in your home.

Previous Customer Experiences with
Our Remodel Services

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We serve homeowners from all sorts of different backgrounds. Our team works with you to help ensure you can afford the remodeling services needed for your bathroom and kitchen. In our initial consultation, we will help you go over all the available options and your budget. Below are some previous clients and how we have helped them:

  • Joe inherited his parents’ house, but before he sold it, he wanted to renovate the kitchen and all bathrooms. We did the work and gave him six months to sell his house to pay for our services.
  • Emily needed a new bathroom but could only pay $100 a month. We were able to fit her monthly budget, and she is delighted with her modern bathroom.
  • Carla, a busy professional, wanted to make all her selections for colors and finishes in one sitting, including spreading the cost of her project out over time.
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In A Week. Guaranteed! Serves Lehigh Valley

Our clients in the Lehigh Valley know they can trust our skills with remodeling services. We have been designing and remodeling bathrooms and kitchens since 1988. All team members have at least ten years of experience, if not 20 years. And when we say we get the job done in a week, we mean it! The passion we have for our craft is shown once you witness your new bathroom or kitchen. Many others in the industry may work as quickly, but you can see the care to attention just isn’t there.  We back up this passion with our guarantee by offering money back if you are unsatisfied with the work completed.

Gorgeous, Distinctive Kitchen & Bath Remodels – in One Week, Guaranteed!